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aising a New Generation of Givers!

Submitted By: Daphna Schwartz

On Friday nights, in addition to the candles, wine and challah, my family always begins Shabbat by placing coins in the tzedakah boxes that we keep on the fireplace mantle. As each coin clinks into the box the kids name something they want their tzedakah money to help buy for a person or family in need. When our girls were really little they focused mostly on the things they considered to be "basic needs": "This is for candy," clink!  "This is for toys,"clink!  "This is for candy," clink!  "This is for more candy," clink!  To a three-year-old, what could be more precious? It was a good opportunity for them to learn at an early age that not everyone has the things they take so for granted. 

Over time, their wishes have become more sophisticated - medicine for the sick, heat int he winter, food and clothing.  This exercise has made them more sensitive to the plight of people less fortunate and serves as a weekly reminder of just how lucky they are!

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